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New Features

Mobile Storefront –  (bizStore only) – This is the very first, beta release version of webShaper’s mobile store, available only for business store & support only PayPal payment option for now. (Customers we heard your feedback! Next we will build the feature to enable / disable it)



Printing Shipping Label – Still handwriting on your shipping consignment note? Not a big issue if you just manage a few orders a day. But imagine the ability to continuously print (using dotmatix printer for multiply sheets) on consignment notes of your preferred courier service providers (Poslaju, Citylink, Skynet, Fedex, UPS, DHL  etc!).  Think of the time you will save, fewer error you will make and best of all, more time to do sales and customer service!



Facebook Social Commerce – (soho, bizStore only) – This is NOT just about duplicating an eCommerce website inside Facebook itself (Read why)  , we decided to build only gorgeous looking design which sync the “New Arrival”, “Best Seller” and “Featured Products” from the webShaper Store. It smartly integrates Social button like Facebook Like, Pin It, G+1 when you hover over the product images (pic below) to enable the merchants’ customers easily share what they love without leaving Facebook.  If any customers click on the products, it will lead directly to the merchant webStore to complete the whole shopping process without compromising the online shopping experience.  Locate it at Marketing > Social > Facebook Store!

social ecommerce enabled for webShaper

Product Options Improved: Now you can set whether to allow Product Option Price stays at a Fixed Flat Rate (regardless of the quantity) or Let the product option price add up together by multiplying the quantity of product which your customers order.

Eg. Let’s say you want to charge $10 for  text engraving (extra service you can setup using product option), you can choose to charge $10 for each quantity, or you can choose to charge a FLAT rate of $10 for any quantity. so if customer buys either 1 or 10’s still 10 bucks additional only!



Bulk Upload Enhanced – Bulk Upload using Microsoft Excel File now is even more versatile by supporting both Product Options & Sub Products (Sub SKU)! Users can now bulk upload all at one go and save valuable time! Try it out now, download the new sample file in your webShaper Control Panel. Important Note: If you bulk upload Sub-Products, you must fill in both “Parent SKU” and “Product Item” field. We recommend when you upload, you group subproducts with  1 option in Sheet 1, subproucts with 2 options in Sheet 2, so on and so forth.





 The new Option , Attributes, parent SKU column added!

Thank you page tacking code – Allows new parameters such as [order-id],[order-qty], [order-value], [order-currency],  to be tracked by web stat tracking code like . The code will be deployed on “Thank you page” (The page shows up once customers successfully place orders and payment). Locate it at Marketing > Web Stats !

Note: Google Analytic users: Before you start placing the advanced e-commerce tracking code, please make sure you have set your eStore as an Ecommerce Site and your primary currency tracked.






Google Analytis eCommerce Tracking  Setup

Google Analytic eCommerce Tracking (UNIVERSAL ANALYTICS using the new analytics.js)

Google Analytic eCommerce Tracking (Classic Google Analytic using ga.js)


New Jquery Chart – – Say goodbye to the old Flash Chart! Sales report on dashboard is now upgraded into JQuery (will extend to all reporting soon) chart format.  So now you can see this on iPhone and iPad too!




Marketing sections – Another way of grouping products, but only available to be used for mobile stores for now.

Stay tuned for more improvement coming! We are committed to innovate on webShaper to help you “sell more online”!



co-founder, neowave