new upgrades – points, price grouping & more!

Dear all clients and partners,

Here’s comes the Point System and Client Grouping for webShaper Stores! (bizStore only) See an overview below,  click on the screen-shot to enlarge it!

Point System

Now you can give your eStore visitors  reasons to register an account with you, and more reasons to keep buying from you! As you can see below, you can easily set how many points are awarded whenever

– The visitors register themselves (Turn browsers into clients!)
– The clients submit products reviews (User generated Comment for SEO and higher trust!)
– And of course, whenever they buy from you! 2 point for every $50 spent? You decide!

Rewards your clients when they Signup, Write review or Buy!

How about point redemption?  Here’s how you can easily edit the points for the clients, you can add points, or deduct points whenever a redemption takes place, and you can easily add a remark on each point transaction  ( + / – points) !

Easily Edit points (+/-) for redemption too!

webShaper merchants already start using the points to reward loyal customers!

Client Grouping

This is yet another most sought-after feature by our successful retailer merchants (we hear you!). As you know, most  retailers  have mainly 2 types of clients:

1) End Consumers – They buy direct and they are “the mass market”.

2) Dealers / Wholesalers / Sales Associates – These are the people who buy in bulk from you, to resell for a profit.

Both are important clients with different pricing scheme.

The idea is dead simple, why don’t let both type of clients order at your own webStore? So you can keep all the clients and orders details at hand, easily accessible via webShaper!  Did I mention that you can let them pay you upfront too via credit card?  Apart from this, another way you can smartly utilize this to encourage repeat purchase (It’s cheaper to keep an existing customer than to find a new one) via grouping the clients into VIP, VVIP  and apply a discount for each group ! Or you can even consider setting up a paid-member program, where clients enjoy a minimum discount for all the merchandises for just $20 a year!

The Icons looks familiar!? (YES, it’s inspired by the F-network, LOL)

First you create a Client Group  (Call it dealers, premium members, VVIP or whatever!)
and apply a standard discount (% only) on it!.

Once a group is created, easily add or remove  your clients into each client group

Discount can be applied  to Category or Sub-Category level. If no discount value is specified, then the
Standard Discount value (in % only) will be given to all the products in that particular category / subcategory
whenever clients belong to that group login.

Apart from the main one, we have introduced some new improvements too, Below all features are available to all webShaper Store plan!
(not yet a client? Sign up for a 14 days Free Trial now!)

Select Drop Down or Text for Quantity Input

Then do you know you can select either  “Drop Down” or “Textbox” for  quantity input  now?

With Textbox Input, now you can  sell small items which customers order in Large Quantity!

This show the Textbox Input for Quantity.

This show the Drop Down Input for Quantity.

Welcoming Sign up Email Template Added

Previously, you can’t edit the welcome email sent to newly registered members. Now you can! Better still, you can turn browsers into buyers by giving them incentives such as points (see above) or special discount for 1st time (Easily generate via discount code) purchase when they sign up!

You can now personalize your own welcoming email for newly registered clients!

Facebook-Like is IN too!

How about a slightly more indepth social interaction for your clients? You can now easily put in Facebook-like too in the product page! (once enabled, it will automatically show just below the Product Name). To use this, you will need to apply for a Facebook App ID (again, it’s very simple). Once done, just set it active in webShaper > Marketing > Social.

Adding Facebook-Like to your Product Page is a SNAP!

But fist, you need a Facebook App ID. Sign up for one

This is how (Facebook-like)  will show on your product page

Once anyone click on Like, Facebook will ask prompt for a comment also !

So if anyone comment on it,  this will show up in his / her Facebook wall.
Viral Marketing !? Social marketing !? You name it!

Tips: If the product picture didn’t show up in your facebook profile after you “like” it, then put this tag

on the template page –



  1. great updates, extra features such as the client grouping and point system is fantastic addition to the bizstore. two thumbs up ! 🙂

  2. It’ll be good if the consumers can make direct payment using their “points”, otherwise it’ll be messy if seller need to create discount vouchers or whatsoever just to run the point system. Thanks for the good work.

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