All new design for sohoStore & bizStore!

Voila everyone, back from holiday yet? Time to rock again! We would like to start with announcing all new online store templates available for sohoStore and bizStore. See more below!


Now even the colourful, young, energetic template is available for sohoStore. This one is perfect for clothing sellers! (Click on template below to see the live demo store, switch the theme in real time!)

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Maybank Visa Debit supports PayPal

Do you know that Maybank Visa Debit Card is now supporting PayPal Fund Withdrawal?

We have prepared a visual step-by-step guide for you to follow through.

See how it works here.

(nice picture courtesy of nicholas chan)

If you are a Malaysia Merchant are selling online and you use PayPal to take credit card payment (a lot of eBay sellers do), the drawback for Malaysian Merchants is that PayPal cannot be linked to your local bank accounts (which online merchants from US, UK, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia etc can) for now.  So the money cannot be easily cashed out.

As you can see, this is the main reason why it’s NOT so convenient for Malaysia Merchants, especially the “SDN BHD” setup (Private Limited), to utilize PayPal in their online store for time being.

Once PayPal support connecting to Malaysian bank account (which we hope very soon), it will be a very viable payment solution for businesses to sign-up and start selling to the world (aka cross-border trading).

Still, linking to a Visa Branded Debit Cards is one of the pretty convenient way for Small Business with a sole proprietary or partnership setup to transfer the hard-earned money to the card (so can use ATM to withdraw the CASH) to pay the bills and expand the business.  Another plus point, did I mention PayPal is FREE to sign up too? (we recommend business account only for merchants).

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Learn more about PayPal at our PayPal Learning Centre

or Start Selling Online with webShaper stores + PayPal now (Get a Free PayPal bag!)

Mobile Laptop Desk !?

Who dare to complain you are NOT working hard if you carry this?

Imagine how you can work like this (see pictures), easily move around in your warehouse or offices acting busy whacking people for NOT wrapping up the products fast enough to be shipped.

Damn productive tools.

If your boss getting you this, don’t be surprised if he wants you to take this thing to the toilet and work! Pray hard!

Mobile Laptop Desk

Very Creative Up-Selling was advertising on Facebook and the ad caught my attention as it shows Michael Jordan Sneaker (Yes. i’m a Fan of MJ and it tells you my age!).

So i was browsing around checking out the Jordan Sneakers Collection i always dream of having since i was a teen! I added this Jordan XI (my favorite!) to the cart, interesting enough, they automatically add in a pair of mystery shoes (with a guaranteed value of $89 to $500) and tell you it only cost you $49.99 if you buy it now together!

Wow,very creative and smart up-selling –  combining element of surprise + saving in one-shot!

This is how online shopping can be  fun!

Probably we can consider to put it as a feature for webShaper stores. 🙂