Apply Discount on Your webShaper Store Now!

The holiday season is now coming for Malaysians to enjoy extravagant discounts from participating merchants on e-commerce websites. So, this is your chance to attract customers to come and buy from your webShaper store!

There are a few of discount features inside webShaper store, such as:

Discount Code: How to Create Discount Code?

Bulk Discount: How to Offer Bulk Discount?

Promotion TimerHow to work with the Promotion Timer?

Product Item Discount:

With product item discount feature, you can set discount on product item either it is main product & sub products.

On webShaper control panel:

On webShaper store:

For more information regarding webShaper discount features, click here.

webShaper Marketplaces Validation

We have come up with a new feature to validate your product against errors for marketplace syncing.

Before adding marketplaces validation:

  • Add in your products into marketplace sync list.
  • Waiting for your products to sync, and then getting errors which is hard to solve or confusing to understand.
  • Customer cannot solve the errors and end up frustrated which leads them to contacting webShaper support for help.


After adding marketplaces validation:

Now with webShaper validation, you do not have to worry because webShaper will help to detect which step(s) that is/are not completed.

You can refer to the message which helps to ease your sync process successfully 🙂

Click & Collect | webShaper

Click & Collect option allows you to order online and pick up your purchased order at any of your preferred store. This means you don’t have to worry about cost of delivery and can get your item soonest possible!

Follow the steps below to Click and Collect:

Step 1: Add item to cart and select “Self-Collect”.

Step 2: Select preferred pick up store.

Step 3: Make your order and get notified via order confirmation email.

Step 4: Pick up item at your preferred store with the correct order number.

Multichannel Power Tips for Marketplaces Sync – 11street, Lazada, Lelong, Shopee and eBay

Starting up your multichannel online selling journey on webShaper? Our team has prepared a list of power tips just for Top Malaysia marketplaces like 11street, Lazada, Lelong, Shopee and also eBay (for cross border selling to Australia, USA or UK) to smooth your journey.

If you sync to one or more marketplace, we also show you what you must take note of, too!

Check it out, let us know at if you have any feedback!