webShaper System Update & Bug Fixes – v2.7.1224

webShaper System Update and Bug Fixes
Version: 2.7.1224
Date Released: 12 April 2016



  1. Product’s short description updated to using WYSIWYG editor (Important for Lazada).
  2. SKU entered will now be trimmed of outer spaces.
  3. Search products – Active column added.

Marketplace (Multichannel)

New Features
  1. Logon.my marketplace added.
System Updates / Improvement:
  1. Disable Inventory Sync for 11street.
  2. Retiring Rakuten from marketplaces sync.
  3. Better UI touch for marketplaces.
  4. Lazada push images option (manual) added.
  5. Invoice number for marketplace orders automatically generated for synced orders.
  6. 11street push stock and price separate from main product push (Faster updating of information).
  7. Brands pushed for Lelong marketplace is now supported.
  8. Fix 11street flat discount issues (with decimal)
  9. 11street product categories that is tied to voucher and services are now supported.
    ‘Services’, ‘E-vouchers’, ‘Food & Beverages’
    ‘Services’, ‘E-vouchers’, ‘Beauty / Wellness / Health’
    ‘Services’, ‘E-vouchers’, ‘Leisure Offers / Activities’
    ‘Services’, ‘E-vouchers’, ‘Services’



webShaper system update (with GST Info) – v2.7.999

New Features

1) Promotion timer

Now you can do a count down timer for special promo for your products! Give your customer a sense of urgency so that they place order NOW!

1) Click on any Product Item, then mouse over “Edit”, then click on “Promotion Timer”






2) POS System

See the webShaper POS [ipad app] which synchronize your online and offline inventory and prevent overselling! We are running a special launching promotion now at 50% off for webShaper POS, email sales@webshaper.com for more details.

Learn more at http://www.webshaper.com.my/POS/


3) Multichannel Selling via Top Marketplaces

webShaper is the 1st and only one which support synchronization with Lelong, Lazada, Rakuten and 11street!

Learn more at http://www.webshaper.com.my/multichannel/




4) Customer Group Discount – Compounded Discount (bizStore only)

Now you can enable the Customer Group Discount to be applied on top of normal discount.

Eg a product price is RM100 [SRP], a 10% normal discount it will cost RM90.

When you setup Customer Group Discount at 10%, If you select “Apply on top of product discount”, it will apply the 10% on top of the already discounted price of RM90 instead of RM100 [SRP], so your customer will get the price of RM81.

But if you select “replace product discount”, it will apply the 10% on the SRP instead, which is RM100 – so your customer will get the price of RM90.



5) Tax (GST )

Learn how to setup Tax setting for GST Inclusive or Exclusive (with GST Info) now!




1. Customer filtering for discount code.

Now you can easily search and filter out the customer which entitled for the discount code!


2. Search products in marketing [Featured Products], [New Products], [Best Seller], [Special Deals]

Now you search when you add products in the “Featured Products”, “New Products”, “Best Sellers” and “Special Promotions”. Super fast and useful if you have hundreds or thousands of products in your database!


3. Discount code used once per customer

One of the most sought after improvement by our customers – You now can generate one discount code, and make sure one customer can use it only once.


Neowave Solutions Sdn Bhd – GST Account Number

Dear Valued Customers,


As you may already be aware, the Malaysian government announced the implementation of the Goods & Services Tax (GST) during the tabling of the 2014 Budget on 25 October 2013. The GST, which will replace the existing sales tax and service tax, will be 6% and effected on 1 April 2015.

Please be informed that we will be charging GST on all applicable goods and services supplied to you. We will also be enhancing our tax invoices issued to you in order to be fully-compliant.

Our company’s GST registration details as follows:

Company Name : Neowave Solutions Sdn.Bhd
GST Registration Number : 000248791040
Effective Date : 1 April 2015
Type of Supply : Standard rated 6%

If you need further clarification, don’t hesitate to contact us at 03-91305218 or email to billing@webshaper.com

Featured Customer of The Week: Simply K

simplyk_fullSimply K is a collection of exquisite accessories that are thoughtfully hand-crafted with much precision and meticulous detail, using only the finest quality materials. Designed and founded by Kamae Lee in January 2012, Simply K’s designs are delicately handcrafted using imported grosgrain ribbons, Italian cotton and accented with fresh water pearls and other man-made materials.

Simply K is an ingredient branding partner with Swarovski elements. All crystal elements on Simply K accessories are made only with genuine Swarovski crystals imported from Austria. They have been featured by Women’s Weekly & Utusan Melayu too!




Check out some of Simply K’s best accessories!


1. Knotty – Red Headband

ad7496fb7cb5db5b130c6381ddb210761405919293-lgA simple design can also have its own charm. This headband comes in a knotted bow with Swarovski crystals in the center.  It is simply sweet and pretty. Width of the headband from the top is 2 cm.


2. Pave Bead Necklace

5096eef7052dc3205f57aeaf9c52c42e1405925017-lgThis lovely pave bead is very charming with its multi-colour effect. It is crafted with Swarovski crystals and suspended from sterling silver chain. The necklace also drapes an elegant 18-inch in length rhodium plated silver.


3. Teardrop Earrings – Crystal White

b1e556be3ae3f5f8849c5724951cc0b71405925009-lgA teardrop Swarovski crystal earring is a timeless piece of accessory in reflecting grace and charm. Earring is set and hangs from rhodium plated silver chain.


Don’t you think all the accessories here are simply lovely? There’s more on Simply K Facebook page – visit them now!

Featured eCommerce Website Design: Machismo

machismoIf you want a cool eCommerce website, try this sleek black design! Black is associated with sophistication, power, and authority. When used in e-commerce store, it usually sends a confident vibe to customers. Black is a great colour to use if you want to make your products look expensive and worthy of value. Not forgetting, it has:

  • Fullwidth Background Image
  • Image Slideshow on Homepage
  • Fully Customisable Layout, Colours and Typography
  • ‘New Arrival’, ‘Best Seller’ and ‘Special Promotions’ Tab

machismo_newLove the white and black colour combo? It can be yours if you want to. And if you don’t like it, we will be glad to customize a special design for you according to your business preferences. Just reach out to us by phone: +603 9130 5218 or email: sales@webshaper.com; we will always listen to you.


Think this design will look good on your store?