Why you want to upgrade IE6?

Dear all valued clients, partners and friends,

If you are still browsing the net and runs web application (like webShaper Stores) on Internet Explorer 6, it is really time to upgrade! Here are  TOP 4 reasons why!

1) IE6 has serious CSS bugs (modern sites like webShaper Stores are pretty much CSS-Design Driven), thus it will have problem properly display the webStore layouts causing a mess out of your site.

a cute illustration by johnmartz.com

2) IE6 has security holes and is no longer supported by Microsoft. You might risk yourself getting malware or Trojan injection when surfing some unsuspecting malicious website. Getting your consumer clients who still using IE6 to upgrade is actually doing them a big favor helping them reducing the risk exposing to increasing online threat. See an official excerpt from Microsoft’s site:

When Internet Explorer 6 was launched in 2001, it offered cutting–edge security – for the time. Since then, the Internet has evolved and the security features of Internet Explorer 6 have become outdated.

With the latest state–of–the–art security features, Internet Explorer 8 is designed to cope with today’s modern cyber crime. In fact, research studies prove it.

In a study by NSS Labs, Internet Explorer 8 caught socially engineered malware 85% of the time compared to Firefox 3’s 29%,
Safari 4’s 29% and Chrome’s 17%.

To keep yourself safe,

don’t use an out–of–date browser.

3) Google is no longer supporting IE6, even Microsoft is calling IE6 a 9-years-old milk which you would not want to drink. Asking you to upgrade fast!

4) Some new cool features just wont’ work in IE6. As hard as we try to support as many browsers as we can (for both webShaper control panel and the template design), it is an almost impossible tasks recognizing different browsers runs on different engine, furthermore there’s an issue with backtrack support for old browsers.

In view of the speed Internet advances, it’s no longer practical for us to do backward support for old browsers which ditched by the provider itself (in this case is Microsoft).

We already phase-out all IE6 related support issues. It’s time to move on and retire the buggy browser.

Haven’t done the upgrade yet? Do it Now!

We wish you Safe and Happy Online Surfing Experience! Don’t miss the tips from Microsoft on “Safer Online Shopping

co-founder, neowave