Can I use webShaper Stores as an E-Catalog?

Not every  products are meant to be sold online .

Online, is a powerful channel you must tap into if you are into retail business! But how about for those whose customers are mainly dealers, wholesalers? What if you want just a Gorgeous looking, Search Engine Friendly e-catalog displaying your products and get them to contact you for further enquiry?

Is webShaper for you then?

The answer, is of course,  YES! 

webShaper has something unique, what we call HYBRID –  you choose to run it as eCatalog, or eCommerce, or a fine mix of both.


Firstly, you can switch between Online Catalog vs Online Store with just a click. When online catalog mode is switched on, the “Add to Cart” button is automatically disabled.

2nd part is even more exciting! You can easily adjust the pricing! Show it? Hide it? Place text like “Call now for best price!”? It’s totally up to you! This mode will actually work together with e-commerce too, when a price is switched to “not visible” or replaced with “custom text”, then the add to cart button won’t show! This can be used to market highly price sensitive products. 🙂

Let’s not wait, how about giving it a 14-days, obligation free trial?

See how client use as an catalog.








co-founder, neowave