Facebook is about Engagement

Some clients & prospects check with us whether we have the “new facebook feature” yet, as provided by some of our competitors.

Basically this is what the feature does – when merchant upload new products on the webStore, the products list are updated on the facebook page (wall) too.

Questions is, does it  make sense?

We give it a long & hard thought, It does make sense, if and only if you only upload 1  or 2 products at one time.

What happens if you upload a 10 or more  new products (which is pretty common for most merchants)? so it will become something like this below:



Now, let’s put yourself in a consumer’s shoes, would you even bother LIKE SUCH FACEBOOK PAGE ?

The answer is obvious, it looks like a spammy product page where people will avoid like a plague, and worse, with only one way communication aka ZERO ENGAGEMENT. The chances of your post appearing on your prospects or consumers wall is pretty dim.

That’s NOT how you are going to make your customer love you more (so they will buy even more !)

Now, let’s take a look just a few perfect examples by our wonderful clients. They shows us what engagement is all about.  Try see how many comments & like they are getting for their facebook wall posting.



so, the key is Engagement, by selectively hand pick the topic,  content, promo,  or product which will spur interest, get feedback, excite them to participate, is what Facebook does best. and is what every online merchants should be doing.

Today, most people visit facebook to connect with friends, to checkout fren’s photo, to see what their friends or families up too. Very few of them are in the mood or buying stuff, period.  Hardsell on product list just WON”T WORK.

So it’s time to rethink how you market your page and how you plan to reconnect with your fans / clients with heart!

On last note, We think, deciding on what NOT to do, is far more important than what to do.  It’s way to easy to fall into a trap by trying to be everything everybody else  did (esp competitors).  We just have to say, no, we are so-not going to build this. 🙂 Have a great weekend ahead.

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