Featured Customer of The Week: Al-Humaira Contemporary


AL-HUMAIRA CONTEMPORARY (AHC) was established in 2010, and has been the choices of many muslim woman who wants to buy hijab fashion online. AHC’s vision is to deliver high fashion ready-to-wear hijabs and apparels to consumers at an affordable price. AHC collections are launched regularly and are always eagerly anticipated by the hijab fashion industry.

AHC blends quality fabric and immaculate craftsmanship to create items like scarves, shawls, inners and other apparels. So, if you like something that combines international taste with local flair, this is for you.


So, what’s new on Al-Humaira Contemporary store?


1. GIA shawl

GIA shawl

GIA shawl is a plain shawl with beautiful and simple pleated design. This shawl is long enough for all dearies to style with a little touch of their own uniqueness. There are 10 colours available to easily match all your outfits. More importantly, this shawl is made of  high quality chiffon so it will be comfortable to wear and feels soft too.


2. Elly Instant Halfmoon Collection


Elly Halfmoon Collection is made from high quality chiffon – comfortable fabric, soft and flowy. It is easy to wear and you can feel free to style it in different ways. There are 12 colors  to choose from to match any of your your casual or formal outifit. Just look at how elegant the model looks in this Elly Halfmoon Collection.


3. HANIE Basic Jubah


HANIE Basic Jubah has is pleated on the front, creating a difference on this robe. Moss crepe material used to create this HANIE Basic Jubah is very comfortable and not easily wrinkled – so you do not have to worry about creases on your clothing. Its design also evokes the image of casual, modern and contemporary. Don’t miss out this Basic HANIE Jubah!


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