Featured Customer of The Week: KHIND


Khind Holdings Berhad (Khind) is a leading electrical and electronics appliances company in Malaysia. Up until today, Khind has been providing a diverse range of home consumer electrical and industrial energy solutions through its subsidiaries that are located in Singapore, the ASEAN region and even the Middle East. It manufactures and markets brands such as ‘Khind’,‘Mistral’,’Relite’, ‘Swisher’, Raycop’, ‘Loofen’, ‘Ariston’ and ‘Honeywell’.


Wanna know what new home appliances that KHIND online store has stock up just for you?


1. KHIND Flower Sensation Table Fan


This new electric sensation is not just any ordinary new desk fan like the ones you are used to see. This is also a piece of art which fuses the beauty of Mother Nature so that your home feels like the nature as well. It comes with 3 sets of transparent but coloured 8 fan blades for stronger air delivery which resembles the petals of a blooming daisy flower. You can change the blades and ornaments according to your preferences and to suit your home design style.


2. KHIND Anshin Stainless Steel Double Boiler


Double boiling is an ancient cooking method to ensure that food are being cooked not exceeding 100°C. This is important to preserve the flavour, taste & nutrients. This product comes with 1 + 3 food grade ceramic pots in compliance with Food and Drug Administration of America – so it is definitely safe. Some of the features & consumer benefits when using this product includes :

  • Up to 9 hours cooking timer and delay cooking timer that can be programmed – useful especially when you are out working on the weekdays.
  • Fully automated with pre-set menus for easy preparation of delicacies, soups, herbal tonics.
  • Stainless steel outer pot safe for stewing larger quantity of soups.
  • Fuzzy logic controlled boiling process ensures maximun extraction of nutrition cooking temperature.
  • Boil dry protection with added LED indicator and buzzer – so that your soup doesn’t dries up and you risk burning your whole kitchen!
  • Cool touch body to prevent yourself from burning or scalding when handling this boiler.


3. KHIND Eco Aedes Buster


Bust Aedes before they get you! Prevent Aedes mosquitos and other blood seeking insects from attacking the people you loved using the 3 powerful non-toxic attractions from this Aedes Buster:

i) Odour – Carbon Dioxide generated by the Titanium Dioxide Coating in this buster mimics the same Carbon Dioxide exhaled by human beings. Its attraction can be further enhanced by adding a natural scent of banana to it, by rubbing ripe banana or its skin onto the exterior of the buster. If supported by an air current, it can attract mosquitoes from 100 ft away.

ii) Light – The Ultra Violet light of this Buster produces a strong visual attraction to mosquitoes which are within 30 ft radius.

iii) Heat – Heat released from the UV lamps of this buster mimics our body warmth and lure mosquitoes which are within 10 ft radius from the Buster.


Did you know that KHIND always update their customers on what’s happening in their store regularly?


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