How Much Does a Basic eCommerce Website Cost?

Just how important is it to have an eCommerce website for your business? Consider these two facts in tandem:

1.  More and more people have access to the Internet and is spending most of their time there. 

Source: Insights by Google Malaysia


2.  More and more Internet users now do some or most of their shopping online.

Source: eCommerceMILO


The take-away here is that people are so much busier today than ever — so, they shop online because it’s convenient and saves them a lot of time. So, why not equip your company with the kind of eCommerce website that will drive more sales?


Answering The How Much Does an eCommerce Website Cost Question:

How much will an eCommerce website cost? Not every eCommerce solution is the same – though some may be somewhat similar. At webShaper, we believe the ideal eCommerce solution for you is one that matches your current online business needs while also giving you the flexibility to expand in the future.

There are 3 basic components that you will need to have in order to run an eCommerce business – an eCommerce platform, a domain name and a payment gateway.


  • eCommerce Platform

We offer 3 different packages that you can choose from to best cater to your business needs. What’s included in these different packages?


We think it’s best that you go for our sohoStore for the most optimum eCommerce website experience. With only RM 999.00 per year, you can get all the features listed under sohoStore.

More payment gateways are supported when you use our sohoStore, which means you can offer more payment options to your customers during checkout. sohoStore also supports Malaysia payment gateways like iPay88, MOLPay & eGHL which can be used to collect payments from your customers via Credit Cards & Online Bank Transfer securely. Always remember that customers will want a payment option that is convenient and easier for them.

You might say you wanna have only PayPal as your payment gateway since it’s free. But did you know that if you exceed your PayPal account send limit, you will have to verify your PayPal account? Also, if you are selling in foreign countries, then using PayPal might be a wise idea since it is recognised worldwide. Else, it’s better for you to stick to Malaysia payment gateways.

Also, with a sohoStore, you stand a chance to sell in marketplaces like and Lazada with our multichannel selling features – Facebook social marketing, webShaper Lelong SyncLazada Push , Rakuten Sync and Celcom 11st.

But that’s not all, there are other website components that you will need in your eCommerce website which further adds up to your final cost.


  • Domain Name

Domain names function on the Internet is quite similar to a physical address in the real world. Each part of the domain name provides specific information – and these pieces of information will enable web browsers to locate the web page. Different domain extensions have different meanings and costs:

– .com / .net / .biz: RM 49.00 per year (recommended for overseas business)

– RM 79.00 per year (recommended for Malaysia business)

– .my: RM 119.00 per year (recommended for Malaysia business)

To check for domain name and extensions availability along with its pricing, you can visit Namecheap for more info. This is a very important step that you will have to do before deciding on which domain to get for your new eCommerce website.


  • Online Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is an eCommerce application service provider service that authorizes credit card payments for eCommerce. If you are running any kind of online store, then a payment gateway will be required to process credit card transactions. So, what kind of payment options are available and how much will it cost you?

PayPal: Free setup, No annual fee (recommended for overseas business)

iPay88: RM 488.00 setup fee, RM 500.00 annual fee (recommended for Malaysia business)

MOLPay: RM 400.00 setup fee, RM499.00 annual fee (recommended for Malaysia business)

eGHL: RM 399.00 setup fee, RM 399.00 annual fee (recommended for Malaysia business)

If you wanna learn more about payment gateways options check out this post on payment gateways comparison.


  • Store Setup Service

Too busy or tied up with your existing work? How about a little help from us on the initial webStore setup? We have created a package to setup your online store just for people like you. For only RM 699.00, we could get your webShaper Store fully up and running in just a couple of days. Here’s whats covered in this store setup package:



Summarising The How Much Does an eCommerce Website Cost Question:

You overall eCommerce website cost will be based on the size of your inventory, what your business does and your overall requirements like design, multi-channels, social and etc.

The following tables below provide some cost guidance for any eCommerce newbies when setting up a basic eCommerce website. We will use the highly recommended and most popular webShaper sohoStore in this example.