How to check if PayPal Account is Verified or Unverified?

#Merchant Power tips: How to tell if a PayPal account is verified or not?

This can be very useful and important if you take PayPal payments and you are:-

* Selling cross-border (ship out to other countries)
* Have an unusually large amount order
* Checking on First time paying client

Just type this in your browser URL (must login to PayPal Account)

replace with your customer PayPal account email.


verified paypal account status


how to check whether a paypal account is verified or unverified

If it’s unverified, do more due diligence (eg Call the customer, Get fixed line Work / Home number or to the tune of Identity Card / Water Bill / Electricity Bill) to protect yourself from possible chargeback which might occur later on.

And of course, couple with Fraud Alert System (FAS) provided by webShaper, these steps will reduce your risk exposed to fraudulent orders.

Happy Selling Online!

~ webShaper Team