Physical Store Owners: How to Increase Sales with eCommerce?

amplified headphones store
Amplified Headphones Store – a successful online-to-offline (O2O) business model.


Advantages of your physical store business

1. Physical store business brings a sense of trust in customers.

2. Customers would like to see and feel the products like headphones especially because this involves human ears instead of eyes.

3. Greater sales potential for walk-in customers.


In short, it’s all about the experience and engagement that the customers feel when they visit your physical store. But more and more people now research and compare prices online before they actually visit your physical store. Question is:


“How will customers find your physical store if they don’t even know about your store existence?”


This is why setting up your own eStore is so important.



So, how can eCommerce help to boost your sales?


1. Help your store and products get discovered online.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your eStore plays an important role to help your store and poducts get discovered. Once they discover you online, they might drop by your shop if you provide further incentive like in-store shopping vouchers for them to come.

Hence, it is crucial that you choose an SEO-friendly platform for your eStore.


2. Reach out to more customers outside your physical store geographical area.

amplified map

How likely is it that a new customer will come all the way from Singapore to buy something from your physical store?

Not likely at all – unless you are selling something unique that is not available in his local market.

With a web store it is entirely possible that that same person could find you online and buy from you. You can also spread your brand name far more widely than you can compared to if you only sell at your own physical store.

Just imagine this: With a physical store, Amplified can probably only sell to people around Petaling Jaya, but with eCommerce, Amplified can now sell to even more people from places like Sabah and Sarawak.


3. Offer hybrid services such as buy online, pickup in store and vice versa.Untitled-2

Buy Online, Pickup in Store

Did you know that there are people who would like to receive their products instantly once they purchase online? Offering hybrid services like this allow customers to shop at ease from home and then pick up from your store.

In fact, such services allow customers to pre-order from you too. Once they drop by your store to collect their order, that’s when you make more sales.

You can cross-sell by recommending other related products in your store to your customers. For example, if your customer is buying a headphone from you, you can offer them an amplifier that goes with their headphone. This way, you get to sell two products instead of one.

Or you can even upsell by recommending a higher end headphone than the one your customer ordered online to make more profit out of that sale.


Shop in Store, Buy Online

If they have shopped and bought something from your physical store previously, they will have no problem trusting you and return to buy more.

So, the main idea here is to get more sales from existing customers or generate more revenue per customer. How do you get them coming back for more if your physical store is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur?

Again, the answer is eCommerce.

What if the cable of a headphone your customer bought from Amplified is broken and the replacement is only available at Amplified? With eCommerce, your customer can easily order online anytime without getting stuck in traffic jams or worrying about parking space. Most importantly, they will buy from you because they know you have just the right kind of cable replacement for their headphone.



With eCommerce, you are making your customers’ life easier since they have options whether to buy from you online or offline. And customers love it when you put their convenience and satisfaction first!


So, why not get the best of both worlds and set up your own eStore? Give webShaper a try for free!



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