1. @rahela, bank muamalat as listed is supported (BANK MUAMALAT BERHAD – BMMBMYKL), if you face problem contact bank muamalat on that. you can email us the screen shot too? sales@webshaper.net

    @d-man, routing code is same for the whole country

    @pjo, don’t think so. but it’s recommended that if you are using a paypal biz account, the business name should be identical with your business account name though.

    @gary, thnx for the sharing! can you detailed how many debit cards vs prepaid cards now locally issued? can they all be used to pay to merchants who have credit card payment gateways? (or it really depends on the issuers)

  2. bagaimanakah nak masukkan duit dalam account pay pal ni ?
    saya dah link dah acc paypal saya ke Bank account malaysia.
    tp saya nak masukkan duit dalam paypal bagaimana?

  3. Hello there admin ,good days

    I want to ask question.

    1. can i use paypal mol that you’ve mentioned for verification with debit/credit card?

    2.is it possible to upgrade from premier to business@merchant? does it free?

    Thanks admin have great days :))

  4. Why do u need a credit card to open a paypal account. What if you don’t have one. Can u use a debit card intead?

  5. hihi, its me again :))

    My Paypal acc is all done! thanks 🙂 and start receiving money..

    i got new question 😀

    1) Recently someone pay me RM52, and i’ve too receive the money.. but i’m a bit confuse with the chargers…

    I wonder is the fees = 3.4% + RM2.00 MYR

    but i only receive RM47.97 (fees -RM4.03)

    2) actually what’s the rate paypal charge?


  6. @Mohammad, the only way for you to add money now to PayPal balance, is via RHB bank. Else you will need to tied to credit / debit card as “funding sources”. when you pay, then only will trigger the

    @satriani, yes, you definitely can. and all paypal account is free. PayPal earn money via charging the receiving party transaction fee, and some other ways like forex exchange when you cash out.

    @Pjownotysaurus, verification takes a few days. and again. its FREE! refer above

    @am, of course you can use a debit card. Actually you don’t need any card to register an account. but.. you will need one verify your account + serve as a funding sources. savvy?

    @eelin, good questions, noted there’s 2 rate table.

    this one for Cross-Border Payments – Malaysia

    this one for domestic payment

    i believe your client is not from Malaysia, or he/she is not registering Paypal using a malaysia address. Thus it’s considered cross-border payment and you are charged this amount – 3.9% + RM2.00, turned out exactly RM4.03 (okok.. actually it’s 4.028)

    @taukehkedai, hope you like it, please link back to us. 🙂

  7. wow! you solve my problem… lol~ thanks!

    I havent read on the link yet, but i guess it meant:

    1) Malaysian acc charger – 3.4% + RM2.00

    2) non Malaysia acc charger – 3.9% + RM2.00

    correct yea?

  8. Can i signup in paypal if i dont have creditcard?
    I try to just put my account number on it? Can it be?

  9. @eelin, no problem. 🙂 do join us here at fb http://facebook.com/webshaper

    and do check out the links on the official site.

    @fazil, you try to link your standchart acc to your paypal? Did you key in the correct swift code? send the error to PayPal or call them if this persists (see paypal number here http://www.webshaper.com.my/learn/paypal.php)


    @nikol, you need a credit / debit card to verify it. 🙂 so get one. your account number only linked to it to “withdraw money”

  10. great! i’ll be joining and introduce friend too 😀

    I’ve try the charger, is all good. only few cents diff, guess no problem!

    another new question… lol~

    I thought after i link my debit card to paypal and verify all, then the money will automatically go in to my debit card when i receive payment from paypal. but i just check my balance in my acc, looks like this is not the case.

    …hmm, now how should i can make those money automatically go in to my debit card when i have payment in my paypal?

  11. Dear Admin, Im having trouble with paypal when i wanted to add money into it. I’ve already connected my bank account into paypal, but when i click on “Add Funds” it came out like this.

    “Add Funds is Not Available
    PayPal does not currently offer the ability to add funds from your bank account.
    When you make a payment, PayPal charges the buyer’s credit card and instantly credits the seller’s PayPal account.”

    Btw, im using Public bank. So, how am i gonna add money into my paypal account? p/s : I dont have credit card. Thanks for the help and infos here tho.

  12. Hi ! admin.. u said routing code is same for the whole country, that means my account is Public bank, Tmn Perling , Johor Bahru, so routing code still use PBBEMYKL, right ??

  13. Dear admin,
    I was wondering. I opened a RHB bank account to purchase things online. So, i connected my paypal with RHB bank as shown. So if i want to buy stuff from ebay, do i need to top up my paypay account, or it just substracts from my bank account?

  14. Hi,admin

    I am student from Malaysia. I am interested in selling things
    online but i have no idea how to start it. I would appreciate if u could teach me step by step how to start this online bussiness. thx !!!

  15. Hi. I got a question to ask. I hope you can help me.

    1. I’m a verified PayPal member. But why I can’t pay for a item I bought online? But, a few days before, there’s no problem. When I want to pay, PayPal state that “your credit or debit card has been declined for this transaction; PayPal could not validate the card. Please verify that the information you entered is correct, or try a different credit or debit card”.

  16. I want to invest in a hedge fund company in Hong Kong, is there any easier way to transfer fund than bank transfer? Can i transfer fund through PayPal Maybank to a foreign bank?

  17. hi admin..i’m from malaysia..this is my first time dealing with customer from oversea..i want to sign up with paypal..but i dont have any debit or credit card..i just wondering..can i only received payment from the customer who use paypal to transfer d payment to my account bank..?

  18. Dear Admin, Im having trouble with paypal when i wanted to add money into it. I’ve already connected my bank account into paypal, but when i click on “Add Funds” it came out like this.

    “Add Funds is Not Available
    PayPal does not currently offer the ability to add funds from your bank account.
    When you make a payment, PayPal charges the buyer’s credit card and instantly credits the seller’s PayPal account.”

    Btw, im using Public bank. So, how am i gonna add money into my paypal account? p/s : I dont have credit card. Thanks for the help and infos here tho.

  19. hey, its me again… 🙂 i follow your step to link my bank to paypal, but how to link my debit card to paypal. (which is i can use my debit card to pay fm my paypal acc money, rite?)

  20. Hi Admin,
    I would like to ask few question…hope that you can clear my doubts…
    1) Can i link my bank account to paypal but using different bank’s debit/credit card for verification? (Eg: Link to paypal using Maybank account but use Citibank credit card for verification). Or i have to use both account/credit card from the same bank.

    2) Which method is cheaper? Pay thru bank account or credit card? Is there any charges incurred if pay using credit card? For cross border payment. I am planning to do purchase online. Seller from other countries.

    Thanks a lot for your kind assistance 🙂

  21. @eelin: for now, you gonna manually trigger fund transfer(from paypal to your bank account), can’t be automated yet.

    as for your link to debit card, i think debit card can use to withdraw, but i don’t think can use to fund it.

    @sam: public bank can’t work now. only bank you can use to top up funds now is RHB bank. http://www.rhb.com.my/internet_banking/paypal/topup.html

    @kelvin, you cannot. refer above reply to sam

    @lianyaw, YES, routing code, is universal country-wide. as far as Malaysia is concerned.

    @dinesh, you gonna top up first, the automated deduction, only works for credit cards.

    @ryan, verification still relies on credit / debit card. the mechanism is very different. you need to understand in order for this to work, complex software runs at the back. Bank just simply don’t have the software / process to do so.

    @inblues, yes, you can. the only catch is, it cannot be more than a certain amount. Let’s say if your purchase value exceeding USD$100, chances are, paypal might prompt you to register an account too.

    @cristal, start with webShaper miniStore + Paypal, just sign up these 2 and you are ready to roll!

    @firdaus, check with your bank, and call paypal for this.

    @hoy chin, well, you gonna check with your fund manager, whether they take your investment fund via PayPal (very unlikely they will)

    @azhar, tak boleh guna ATM kad untuk verify, pastikan anda mempunyai kad kredit ataupun kad debit.

    @ada, go get one. no excuse not to have any of this if you are serious in doing business. you can get payment from customer (from paypal to paypal), then only you transfer to your own bank account.

    @vixen, 1) yes, you can. it’s independent. 2) it really depends on your payee and the amount they pay. you should support both if you were to sell online.

  22. Hi there, I’m just wondering, is it possible to transfer the fund from PayPal to my CIMB Islamic acc?? Is it possible for me to use the same CIMB MEPS code?? This is because, as far as I’m concern, CIMB Islamic account holders have to use a different MEPS code. Thanks

  23. Hi, before this i hv already linked my maybank debit card wth my paypal account. however, i lost my ATM card and have a new card number too on my new ATM card. do i need to ‘re-register’ with paypal and maybank2u?

  24. Can I use paypal to transfer money to May Bank in Malasia, and the reciever doesn’t have a paypal acount..can this work?

  25. Hi there

    Can eonbank debit card verify paypal account?if so, why its take time too long to get the verification code?actually i had requested the verification code on 6/3/11 but i totally forget to add in bank information in my paypal account. Once i added on 8/3/11, bank has been deducted twice (6/3/11 & 8/3/11) amount of RM10. But then, when i checked in my online banking bank has been cancelled the amount of RM10 (first request on 6/3/11). But transaction on 8/3/11 still in my account which is bank not cancel yet. The problem is until now bank havent give the code yet. As i know it only take few days to get the code around 2-3 days only but unfortunately i didnt received any verification code yet. Do i need to call customer service or just waiting the code appear in my online banking statement?

    Pls advise

    Thank you.

  26. Hey,can anyone explain to me how to pay for an item i purchase on ebay?? i’ve link my paypal account with the ebay one already and when i try to pay for the item, it still requires a debit/credit card in order to purchase. Also, what does adding your band account in paypal do?? does it mean that u can instantly pay for products through that bank account??
    (I’m malaysian btw, and i’m new with paypal)
    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks 🙂

  27. @theunknown: see here on PayPal verification

    @nurul: CIMB Islamic Accounts holders should have the same MEPS code. Best is to check with CIMB directly.

    @sue: obviously, you need to re-register your card tying it to your paypal account, how else would PayPal know you have a new card?

    @yan: yes, this is call withdrawal. You can transfer your own paypal fund to your own bank account (eg maybank). Isn’t this what covered in this post? But if you mean you are trying to send money to a receiver without a paypal account, this, of course won’t work.

    @lin: see above on verification process. it should just appear along your credit card / debit call itemized billing. If it’s not there(2~3 days later), double check with your banks.

    @mash: may i know how did you topup? you were asking if you want to buy something using paypal and PayPal needs credit card number for you to proceed – is this what you mean? if so, maybe you buy something of higher value, which needs to be verified. so see link above for verification steps.

    @bandfreak91: see this link guide you on paying for items with PayPal http://pages.ebay.com/help/pay/paypal.html

    paypal doesn’t do direct withdrawal from the bank account (even if you link it). However, you can still TOP up via bank which support it, eg RHB http://www.rhb.com.my/RHBNow/paypal/

  28. Temporary paypal only accept RHB bank for free top ups ?? If i use another bank like public bank or maybank , when i top up my paypal account , i will be charged of a RM2 transection fees is that correct ?

  29. hi admin,
    thanks for helping everyone in here.
    I have a question that may looks funny.
    I registered for a debit card (in Cimb bank) and today i received my card.
    I want to know that is there a bank account relative to this debit card? I mean each debit card has a bank account too? (and now I have a bank account now ?)
    how can i find my bank account number? 😀 should I ask from bank?
    can I verify paypal only with debit card and without filling bank account info?


  30. hi….recently, i top up my paypal account, my savings account has been deducted but the paypal account amount still remain the same. This happened to me 3 times….and i lost near thousand ringgit. when i contact the paypal they said that they are in the middle of investigating my problems. now already 1 month but got no progress at all. this really disappointing me. where can i make a report?

  31. To neilson :
    i also have a same problem. Almost 1 month my paypal balance still not update. Still investigate. I think we have to report to Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM). Neilson, can you contact me at this email pujie2002@hotmail.com

  32. I’ve already top-up my paypal account but why is it still Stated RM 0.00 inside my paypal account??? Help me!!!!

  33. hi.. I wish to link my maybank account to paypal but why I can’t find maybank in MEPS Bank Routing Code ? When I link my maybank debit card to paypal to verify my account , this messange shown :

    ” This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer’s customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card.”

    Why this happen?

  34. hi gene..ive top up my paypal account,for trial i just top up rm10..it work..it will send an email to receive the payment.. about 1 or 2 working days..hope that help..and now i already top up my paypal account for lot more money..still doesnt receive the email yet..but m hoping there is no problem..kind of scared now..

  35. Hello, can you please confirm that the SWIFT CODE for CIBBMYKL
    can be used for Alertpay as well? Please because i want to avoid chargeback.

  36. hye admin,

    ive top up to paypal account from cimb bank (online transfer) last two weeks. but then, until now i haven’t receive any update in my account.

    i’m so worried because ive transfer a lot of money (RM1k+). huhuhuhuh… ive call paypal centre and email them, but they didn’t reply my email…

  37. Same issue as Nabilahnadia.

    I top up paypal account using maybank. I then get a receipt saying payment has been made to rhb.

    So i checked my paypal account to see if my top up ammount was added, but it hasn’t.

    Any ideas ??

  38. I am disappointing with Paypal’s online security. Some one have stolen my credit card details and made a transaction using Paypal online service amounted to RM1.5K! Normally, a secured online merchants transaction using credit card will require to credit card owner to insert a 3D-secure pin. However, I noticed that paypal does not have this facility to user! As such, anyone can using anyone’s credit card details (As long as credit card number and behind 3 number) to make a transaction! This will create a lot of fraud to the community. Hope you make improvement!!!!!!!!!!

    About my transaction, lucky Maybank contact me during this transaction made, however, the worst things is Maybank have to request Paypal to compensate this amount! and it will take more than 30 days! Another worst things is Maybank will account this transaction as valid and need me to settle the fraud transaction first until Paypal refund me the money! What a mess! What a Paypal lousy service! what a hell security provide to paypal user!

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