How to setup a blog for your eStore?

So why bother setup a blog for your eStore? For us, what comes top in mind is all about sharing!

Top 3 reasons we can think of
1) Share what you know best on what you sell and be an expert!

2) If people like the content you share (quality matters), they will link to it!

3) Then you will rank better than competition (in a longer term, for sure) than your competition!

below is a simple illustration as we covered in SEO for eStore

Let’s focus on the easiest way to start:

Step 1 – Decide your blog url

A good and easy name would be

once you have decided on the blog url, let us know.

we will setup a CNAME record point to (

Step 2 – Setup your subdomain

Login to with your username / password, then go to Settings > Publishing

Underneath Advanced Settings, put your domain as

Step 3…

There’s no step 3, it’s all done! LOL and don’t miss out a superb slides below on blogging for eCommerce!

co-founder, neowave