Maxis-PayPal Launched!

Finally it’s here.  Maxis-PayPal account is ready to rock and roll.

This iphone app is NOT yet released as of this writing.

Maxis-PayPal is claimed as the  world 1st mobile carrier plus online payment provider mash-up, it is set to to fuel the e-commerce eco-system in Malaysia! (hooray!)

The timing has never been better, there’s already a substantial PayPal user base locally to grow with (approximately 1.2 million Malaysia PayPal accounts and growing). And did we mentioned most webShaper clients are on a PayPal Business Account too?

If you have registered PayPal before, here’s how you can easily link it to your  Mobile Number (Prerequisite: You must be a Maxis client)

Logon to Maxis PayPal Page,

Step 1 Key in your mobile number, then request for TAC (Transaction Authorization Code)

Step 2 Key in your TAC (will be SMS to you)

Step 3 Enter your PayPal user ID (your email) and its password, create a new mobile PIN for yourself! (please don’t use your birthday!)

Step 4, It’s done! Simple ya !? (then of course, you will get notification SMS from Maxis-PayPal and also an email from PayPal notifying you that PayPal mobile is setup successfully)

But hold on a second, is that all? Well, sorta.

In every way, A maxis-PayPal account, is really like a co-branded car, imagine Naza importing KIA car slapping Naza-KIA tag on it, it is, still a damn KIA car.  Same goes for Maxis-PayPal.  It’s not obvious how it is distinctive  from a typical PayPal account with a few exceptions that

1) It grants you some exclusive offer only Maxis-PayPal account users
2) It  allows you to pay Maxis bill (postpaid) or prepaid top-up via PayPal (good news for those having spare cash in Paypal, we won’t mind if you want to send the $ to us too), You can login to your online account to see the screenshot below when you are trying to make payment.

PayPal option emerges once you linked up your Maxis mobile account to your PayPal Account

3) It  allows you to access your PayPal account via by just using your mobile and mobile PIN ( as an alternative login for your email and password). Below we take a look at how it works.

fire up your mobile browser, type
notice you can login using your mobile number + mobile pin?

once login, you can see your account balance.
and you can send money (to us, please) too!

PayPal mobile allows you to send money to
a mobile number too, something not available
in the standard PayPal webapp UI.

Check, and click on send! If the recipients is without a PayPal Account
tied to the mobile number, PayPal will SMS him / her sign up one!

Every transaction will be recorded, just login to  PayPal to see your mobile transaction.

So it’s that really ALL? We don’t think so, it’s just freshly baked, and Maxis Staff preparing the FAQs apparently didn’t have enough sleep (see proof below).

We should expect the capability to utilize SMS to check for PayPal balance, send payment etc soon as it’s covered here on a complete PayPal Mobile Experience (This is for US, so the SMS short code will not be applicable outside US) .

And of course, how can it be complete with an iPhone & iPad app? We look forward to these soon!?

Have anything to add? Please share your thoughts or comment below!

Please don’t tell us this FAQs is outsourced ya…

A Recap, you can see some of the featured merchants in video below:

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  1. Im not malaysian.Im just passing by.lets say working in a ship just happened to be at anchor in malaysia with a hotlink prepaid sim, with nowhere to buy a top up.can i still register for maxis-paypal to buy my top up? or this is just exclusive for malaysians? if i will not use my hotlink sim anymore what will happen to my maxis paypal account?can i delete it?unsubscribe?or it will be just deleted after a month of not using it?

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