New webShaper features – Freshly released!

1) Stock holding

Normally a stock quantity is deducted ONLY when a you have a payment confirmation on the order (aka status = “processed”). However, some of  the merchants  want to deduct the stock quantity even though payment yet to be received. Thus we introduce Stock Holding Status – Basically it “holds” the stock, while awaiting payment confirmation when the order status is still  “pending“.


Enable Stock Holding in webShaper > Settings > Inventory


2) Custom Form Fields

(Advanced feature for bizStore only!) – Now you can get more information about your customers as you would like! Eg, if you are selling fashion online, you might want to  know more about your customer’s sizes  (aka BUST, WAIST, HIP), or you probably want to know about their favourite colours or pets too! These are very useful information which you can utilize to offer more relevant deals (thus sell more) or to personalize certain marketing campaign targeting to specific clients only!


Advanced Custom Field – Let you create extra form fields to capture personalized client details


Preset Custom Field! (Bust, Waist, Hip) for Fashion eTailer – inserted with just ONE click!


Field Description is also the Label for the form field!


5 Input Fields supported (select, textbox, textarea, checkbox, radio buttons). You can even put up Automated Form Validation for the form field too!


This is how the extra, customizable form fields appear on checkout page!


3) New template editor

New template file editor with improved stability and also easily revert back to last saved changes!


4) Size Chart (sohoStore & bizStore only!)

What’s the must have feature for fashion sellers? Almost every online shoppers will checkout the Size Chart to make sure the sizes fit before they place their order. Now we got this built-in as part of the feature too!


Access it via login to webShaper > Products > Size Chart


An illustrated guide to help you easily create our Size Chart


A gorgeous pop-up showing your clothing size-chart!


5) Estimate shipping cost

Notice the link appear on the shopping cart page? Now your customers can effortlessly estimate the shipping cost even before they checkout! This is designed to improve the overall online shopping experience with the goal of helping them make better purchase decision.


6) 1-click shipping Setup for Singapore Speedpost

1-click, is all you need to setup Singapore Speedpost Shipping Rate. What normally takes one or 2 days, we have significantly shorten it to just a few seconds. Saving you enormous amount of time. Of course, not forgetting Malaysia Online Merchants can do so too with Poslaju too. Don’t miss out the PosLaju Special Promo exclusive for webShaper Stores only!



7) Discount Codes (Expanded!)

An improvement on existing discount code feature. Now, you can easily create multiple discount code for the same discount rules. This is very very useful especially for those online merchants who are a special promotion on the popular group buying sites like Groupon, Everyday, Mydeal etc!

As you can see here, this enhancement is already being utilized by webShaper merchants. 🙂


8 ) Product Feed (bizStore only)

More ways for you to get traffic! – This new product feed (XML-based), contains all your product details (name, pricing etc) readily to be exported to 3rd party marketplaces or online shopping search engine.

Access via webShaper > Marketing > Product Feed


Last but not least, we fixed a lot of bugs too. We hope you enjoy the new features and we are already working hard on new ones. bringing more innovation to webShaper to help you SELL MORE ONLINE.


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