Display Product Item with Promotion Timer

Promotion timer allows your customer to see countdown of your discount promotion that is currently happening throughout your store.

This helps to attract more customers because knowing the discount is going to end soon, more eyes on the product item which increase more sales.

Here’s how to work with the promotion timer using 4 simple steps:

  1. Go to your product item in webShaper control panel.
  2. Click Promotion Timer.
  3. Setup all details for your promotion timer such, as Duration and Discount.
  4. Last but not least, select Enable and Save. Your promotion timer is ready!

Checkout our tutorial for more details about promotion timer.

Lazada API Restriction For 12.12 Year End Sale Campaign

As we draw closer to the Lazada 12.12 Year End Sale Campaign, please take note on the announcement below regarding API restrictions that will be applied during the upcoming campaign. 

Effected Products: All products (including campaign products)

Time Period: 9 December 2018, 6:00 P.M. till 13 December 2018, 10:00 A.M.

What Is Downgraded?

The following APIs will be unavailable during the downgrade period:

  • CreateGlobalProduct
  • RemoveProduct
  • CreateProduct
  • UpdateProduct
  • MigrateImage
  • MigrateImages
  • SetImages
  • UploadImage

What Is NOT Downgraded:

The following APIs will still be available:

  • UpdatePriceQuantity**
  • Get* (all Get APIs)

**Will not be applicable for products under campaign price and quantity lock.

Please do not hesitate to contact Lazada Partner Support Center for any inquiries. 

Featured Customer This Week! – butikbos.com.my

BOS Boutique (Branded Outlet Store) or butikbos.com.my (e-store) has been selling online with webShaper for more than 3 and a half years, since June 2015.

As one of the biggest grouping of Big & Tall / Plus Size dress from formal wear, semi-formal wear, easygoing wear, sports wear, women wear, internal wear and many more, they provide sizes ranging from M to 6XL, and waistline from 32″ until 68″. 

What’s unique about them is, they do sell their product items in bundle, using webShaper bulk discount feature. This feature allows them to create discount within the group and categorize the customer discount product item grouping better. Their customer’s benefit in terms saving more money. Every holiday season, they will come up with so many discounts offer, which is up to 70%!

You can check out one of their product item using bulk discount feature below:

Other than that, they sell on Top 4 Marketplaces in Malaysia which are Lelong, Lazada, 11street and Shopee using webShaper multichannel feature. This feature allows them to sync their product items to marketplaces, also order and inventory to webShaper control panel, effortlessly.

BOS Boutique (Branded Outlet Store) listed in The Malaysian Book of Records for being the Largest “Plus Size” Clothing Distributor, on 16th January 2018.

Apply Discount on Your webShaper Store Now!

The holiday season is now coming for Malaysians to enjoy extravagant discounts from participating merchants on e-commerce websites. So, this is your chance to attract customers to come and buy from your webShaper store!

There are a few of discount features inside webShaper store, such as:

Discount Code: How to Create Discount Code?

Bulk Discount: How to Offer Bulk Discount?

Promotion TimerHow to work with the Promotion Timer?

Product Item Discount:

With product item discount feature, you can set discount on product item either it is main product & sub products.

On webShaper control panel:

On webShaper store:

For more information regarding webShaper discount features, click here.

webShaper Marketplaces Validation

We have come up with a new feature to validate your product against errors for marketplace syncing.

Before adding marketplaces validation:

  • Add in your products into marketplace sync list.
  • Waiting for your products to sync, and then getting errors which is hard to solve or confusing to understand.
  • Customer cannot solve the errors and end up frustrated which leads them to contacting webShaper support for help.


After adding marketplaces validation:

Now with webShaper validation, you do not have to worry because webShaper will help to detect which step(s) that is/are not completed.

You can refer to the message which helps to ease your sync process successfully 🙂