POS Malaysia Price Hike!

POS Malaysia recently just adjusted their Postage Tariff.

(In US, USPS is mulling a price hike too)

If you are Malaysia merchant selling products online, chances are you are affected by the price adjustment.

But come on… Postman starting salary is merely RM610 / month. (reportedly 19% below that of their government peers and is well below the poverty level).

GOSH, don’t you think the poor guys delivering your mails and parcels deserve a better pay? (Yes! we think they do! so did he) I last seen an ad by Domino Pizzas promising salary up to RM1500 / month for pizza delivery boy. And i think you can get free pizza meals every days, which can save you quite a substantial amount.

If all Posman know this, resign and start delivering pizzas (no offend to pizza lovers…), who is going to deliver my damn baby diapers ordered online?  You !?

So this is the official new price list shown on the official POS website. Smart, they guy who posted this did not put the before-adjusted price (so you are clueless and can’t really compare… ), either he is the master of psychology of pricing, or he just being plain lazy.

Luckily we got this snatched form sinchew daily, it’s in chinese, so we added some label to guide you through.

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