The secret to 100,000 facebook fans

Imagine, wouldn’t it be nice to have 100,000 followers who like you on facebook?

Who doesn’t want that?

Is it even achievable if you are small business? Don’t sweat, the answer is…

(Special thanks to jim for the shooting…)

One of webShaper stores’s client,, now having a whopping 116,565 fans on the page! see for yourself!

So we are curious, we sms our beloved client, how she did it? so we send her a SMS to dig out her secret to 100,000 strong facebook fans…

So is it that simple? of course NOT! not to mention to do all the above is nothing short of challenges!

However,  we think there is more to that, these are some other critical factors too we think adding to their success too.

1) They command a niche (designer & celebrity sarees)
2) They sell globally and giving out Free shipping Worldwide!
3) Beautiful & sexy models.
4)  They give superb customer service.
5) They are passionate, else you can’t explain why their fans are so engaged!
(one posting update easily a few hundred likes, it’s hard to get this if you are not celebrity)
6) They use webShaper Stores (ok.. i admit i am bias but this is a fact, LOL )

Have any other tips to share on getting Quality Fans for your facebook page?

Share yours on the comment post! we love to hear from you.


  1. Well done to Avalon Sarees, it took a lot of hardwork and dedication for them to get there but they may well have spent a fair bit of cash on facebook advertising too 😉

  2. @tele, it’s possible, if you ship bulk or tap into a master account which ship few hundred parcel a day, you can get very competitive rate and the world your marketplace

    @egg & chips, you are right, but compared those who followed you genuinely out of interest, you might convert into buying clients way much better.

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