Uniqso.com boost 50% in sales after switch to webShaper

Here’s what our merchant Felix has to say:

After i sign up webShaer bizStore, my sales increase about 50%! Compare to the previous service provider, i found webShaper has below advantages:
1) Ease of Use – The webShaper store is very easy to learn and control. It has everything in details, such as Product, Customer, Report and etc.

2) Marketing ability – Marketing is the most important thing when you are doing online business as the competition is very stiff! webShaper store has variety marketing tools. One of the remarkable marketing tools i would recommend is “Quantity Discount” This encourage customer buy more and more, and your sales will grow and grow! The other one is “Affiliates”, this provide incentive to your blogger/reseller to promote/sell more for you!

3) Service – webShaper bizStore provides call in service! In case you have any problem which need to be rectified immediately or you prefer to talk to them, just call them!

Last but not least, they are going to arrange more and more tutorial in the near future, which i think it’s very important as i am updated with system and well trained to use the system.


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