What’s new in webShaper Store latest upgrade?

Dear all valued clients & partners, you might have noticed recently some of your sites are undergoing some major upgrade, the transition is the very first important step for us to add serious values to your webStore business. Below are an important overview of what’s new, and what’s coming next!




Database upgraded fully to mySQL (from old,not-so-efficient file based Microsoft Access) – a Real Database Management System which not just speeding up access to your webShaper Stores’ information, but add industrial strength stability onto your own branded webStores too.




We have designed a new Dynamic Caching Mechanism to produce cache-page for frequently accessed pages on webShaper Stores (homepage, category page, product page etc) .  In simpler term, this means frequent access to database to retrieve information is NOT needed unless there are new changes made to the product details and site contents!

Considering Google now adding site loading speed as one of the hundreds over signals to rank your website, it can only help to boost your ranking further! But… it can’t help you to break world record yet, but it’s close. 🙂


New Features

Needsless to say, we have added in numerous new features (availability depends on your webShaper Store’s plan). A quick overview below:

1) Labeling – Easily label your products (Hot, Pre-order, New, Best Selling) and convert more browsers into clients.


2) Form Builder – simple form builder to help you put up a form and grab the input sent to your designated email.


3) Quick Search – Appear on Top right, now you can easily retrieve Customer, Product and Order Information on webShaper’s Control Panel.


4) Improved WYSIWYG Editor – This is one area which we have receive a lot of complaints, and we hear you! We believe you will love the new editor and it can even let you copy the Microsoft Word Content and paste over.


5) Guest Checkout – According to Forrester Research, 23% of shoppers will abandon when asked to register before checking out. Unless you absolutely must require registration, test a guest checkout (login to webShaper > Order Config) and see how much it impacts conversion.


7) New Payment Gateways and updated API for existing payment option  – iPay88 now support Multi Currency (Checkout iPay88 International Gateway),  iPayDNA, PayPal Express Checkout, Payment Express.


8 ) News Update on Dashboard to  “Stay in close loop” with merchants, and update you all latest happening in the e-commerce and payment industry + marketing tips and tricks which you can apply to sell more online!


9) Product Comparison – Easily add products and compare, and clients can just click on “add to cart” on comparison page to buy!



What’s Next?


Once this upgrade is done, you will hear more frequent update from us, not just on the new, innovative features we will continuously to fuel on webShaper Stores, but also on more ways to help you grow your online sales! This will be our primary focus as we are driven to help our clients succeed and maintain a long term win-win relationship!

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co-founder, neowave