Welcome to blog.webshaper.com.my – a Blog that teaches you on how to run a successful eCommerce business.

Think we are not fit to talk about eCommerce?

Here’s a little bit info about webShaper:

  • a hosted eCommerce service provider.
  • a local brand, built from scratch by a group of Malaysians.
  • is SEO friendly with only one-click POS shipping rate setup.
  • has points system to reward customers.
  • able to go multichannel with our webShaper lelong sync feature.


“But enough about us—let’s talk about you. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a budding entrepreneur, you will always need a good place where you can learn more. webShaper blog will give you exactly all the eCommerce knowledge you need.”


So, what kind of juicy stuff do we usually share?

  • beautiful eCommerce website designs.
  • webShaper featured customers.
  • case studies on successful eCommerce businesses.
  • practical eCommerce how-to’s ( a guide on how to sell more online ).
  • visually attractive eCommerce infographics.



  1. Hi, I’d been browsing through your q&a in other pages.
    1. My question is do you have a correspondence email
    2. And how do I ask Maybank to open debit account to accept online payments and other online transaction

    Not sure if you covered my questions

    1. kif, are you a malaysian? if so, this should be straight forward and easy. if not, don’t they they allow any non residents to open an account yet.

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