How to Print Consignment Note?

We understand that merchants always have problems with consignment notes when it comes to shipping. But don’t worry!
There are easier way to print consignment note of your preferred courier service providers (Poslaju, Citylink, Skynet, Fedex, UPS, DHL & etc).

**This feature only available for webShaper sohoStore & bizStore package.

Follow the steps as below to print consignment note:

1. Define Shipping Label Template.
i. Go to Orders and click Shipping Label Editor.
ii. Choose a template and edit the settings.
iii. Click Emulator.

2. Edit via Ship Label Emulator for Label.
i. Drag & Drop the labels to the correct position in the consignment note.
Note: You can choose additional information that you want to insert such as Company Website and Order Items.
ii. Configure your shipping label templates and Save.

3. Print Consignment Notes for Your Order.
i. Go to Order > View Orders.
ii. Tick order(s) you would like to print.
iii. Click on Print Shipping Label from Template.
iv. Choose template you have created, to download consignment note as .pdf file.

Steps to Print Consignment Notes for Your Order(s)

For more information, checkout our tutorial page to Print Consignment Note.

How To Manage Customer Grouping?

Customers are various and that is the reason you should approach them differently. Customer Grouping is a tool for you to categorize your customer and approach them accordingly.

Creating a group and adding customer to the group are main steps to use this feature. Specific discount by category and product are additional functions. If specific discount is specified, any product fall under this will take specified discount instead of initial discount.

**This feature only available for webShaper bizStore package.

Follow the steps as below to manage customer grouping feature:

1. Create group.
Insert Group Name, Discount and Apply On which product discount.

2. Add Customer to the group.

  • Assign customers to their group using email.
  • Delete customer from the group.

3. Setting specific discount by category.
Note:Every products in the category will take this discount instead of the discount you specified.

  • Manage Specific Discount by Category from drop down list.
  • Put discount percentage for each category.

4. Setting specific discount by product.
Note: Every products specified in this section will take price from here and ignore both discounts you specified.

  • Manage Specific Discount by Product from drop down list.
  • Insert SKU / Product Name, or leave it blank to display all.
  • Put in selling price on Member Price column.
  • Tick on all products that you have made changes.
  • Click on Update.
Groups of customers to set target pricing.

For more information, checkout our tutorial page to Manage Customer Grouping.

Use Point System To Reward Your Customers

webShaper offers an interesting way to reward loyal customers, using a Point System. Point System feature allows you to configure customer points, as example, every time new customer register an account on your store.

**This feature only available for webShaper bizStore package.

Follow the steps as below to reward your customer with points:

1. Configuring your Point System.
Turn On or Off the Point System on your store.

On this section as well, you can set customer points as example:

  • Register as New Customer
  • Submit a Product Review
  • Purchase Amount

2. Viewing Customer Points.
You can check how many points each customer has collected.

3. From Customer’s view.
Your customer can view how many points they have on the store front.

Your customer can use these points as balance that you set inside store control panel.

For more information, checkout our tutorial page to Use Point System.

How To Edit Email Template Easily?

Did you know that you can easily create and edit regular email contents and save them as email templates to suit your business? This way, you can have a standardized email for all your customers.

Follow the steps as below to edit your email template easily:

1. Go to Orders and click Email Template Editor.
2. Under Email Template Editor, there are preset email templates which you will most likely use for your business. You can customize them the way you like it.
3. Enter which row you want to add the subject.
4. Click on your Subject. (e.g. Invoice No.)
5. Click Message.
6. Your subject is now added to the your Selected Template.
7. Click Save.

Subject (Invoice No) is Added to Selected Template.

For more information, checkout our tutorial page to Edit Email Template.

Create Sub-Products with Product Option

Creating Sub-Products with Option will help you manage your products in a more effective manner. This feature allows your customer to choose their favourite option such as colours, and stocks available for each sub-product.

Take note that before you create sub-products, you must Create Product Option. This feature only available for webShaper sohoStore and bizStore package.

Follow the steps below to create your sub-products:

  1. Select the Product item you would like to add a Sub-products to.
  2. Click Options and select Manage Products.
  3. Click Add New Option.
  4. Click Save after adding your desired option.
  5. Under Select Products Options, select your desired option attributes.
  6. Click Create Sub Products and add Product Options.
  7. Click Product Options. You can also edit their settings here.
  8. Save and it is done.
You should be able to see your sub-products with their corresponding options on your store front.

Go to our tutorial page to Create Sub-Products with Option for more information.