Multichannel Power Tips for Marketplaces Sync – 11street, Lazada, Lelong, Shopee and eBay

Starting up your multichannel online selling journey on webShaper? Our team has prepared a list of power tips just for Top Malaysia marketplaces like 11street, Lazada, Lelong, Shopee and also eBay (for cross border selling to Australia, USA or UK) to smooth your journey.

If you sync to one or more marketplace, we also show you what you must take note of, too!

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How to set GST to zero rated (0%) in webShaper?

Newly elected Malaysia government already announced that starting 1st June 2018, all GST (Goods and Services Tax) will be zero-rated.

For webShaper merchants that enabled the GST, you will need to adjust the GST from 6% to 0% (Zero-Rated).

Here are the steps:

Set Goods & Services Tax (GST) Rate To 0%

Please do not hesitate to contact us at or call us at 03-91305218 (Office hours) if you require any further assistance.


Connect to new Lazada API now! – Lazada Open Platform

Important notice: Lazada old API key will be expired on 31st May 2018. For all the merchants using webShaper Lazada Sync, you will need to perform these few simple steps for you to successfully migrate to the new API.

Lazada Open Platform new API - webShaper Multichannel Sync

Just follow the simple steps as shown below:

How to Connect to Lazada New API (Lazada Open Platform)

Please do not hesitate to contact us at or call us at 03-91305218 (Office hours) if you require any further assistance.

(New) WhatsApp Button for your eCommerce Store!

In South East Asia countries like Malaysia, online consumers behave differently from the western consumers.

A lot of online shoppers like to PM (aka Private Message) to have a chat before they buy online from you, as in general, they lack of trust when it comes to online shopping.

At time being, WhatsApp is the #1 Social Messaging App for Malaysia and in a lot of English-speaking countries.

This is why “WhatsApp Button” feature is now built into webShaper (available at all store plans). Just put your mobile number (for Customer Service), click to enable the WhatsApp button to appear on every product page or appear as an enquiry button on your entire website.

Welcome to Chat Commerce – Your customers is just a chat away from conversion!

The benefits this feature offers?

  • Customers can easily enquire any products and engage you before checkout
  • A reply from customer service can boost confidence, thus higher conversion
  • Convert more visitors into sales

Below is how it will look like on your webStore product page.

See the 2 youtube videos below, showing how WhatsApp Enquiry (sitewide) and WhatsApp Order Button (On product page) works.

Learn how to enable it now at our WhatsApp Button tutorial:

How to Add WhatsApp Button for Your webShaper Store?

Welcome to Chatcommerce – Your customers is just a chat away from conversion!

webShaper System Update and Bug Fixes – Jan 2017

webShaper System Update and Bug Fixes
Reference: fixRelease2.7.1224_20161229
Date Released: January 2017


The main update and improvement we made to this update will be newly added marketplace – Shoppu (by AEON Malaysia) and also improvement on Lazada Sync Experience.

Marketplace (Multichannel)

  1. Shoppu ( A new marketplace by AEON Malaysia) is supported!
  2. Improved Sync for Lazada – Lazada Options Mapping now comes with values automatically pull from lazada.
  1. Fix viewProd image display bug (when display sub product – link from viewcart.asp)
  2. Marketplace – 11st order address line 1 and 2 wrong order.
  3. Marketplaces – Add lazada options JSON selection.
  4. Adjusting the regex expression to accept email addresses with more than 4 characters after the dot
  5. Adds category id to class


How to sync webShaper with Shoppu ?

How to sync webShaper with Lazada?