Featured eCommerce Website Design: Reneer


When red is being used in a design, there is one thing for certain – it can definitely get people’s attention. You can use the power of red to strengthen the message and tell people to ‘add to cart’ with our red buttons. Not forgetting, this design comes with:

  • a 100% Mobile Friendly (Responsive) layout
  • Image Slideshow that displays in fullscreen
  • Image Slideshow on homepage
  • Customisable Layout, Fonts and Colours
  • ‘New Arrival’, ‘Best Seller’ and ‘Special Promotions’ Tab


Do you think this design is suitable for your business? If not, don’t worry about it! We wouldn’t have promise customisation service if we can’t do it for you. Just reach out to us by phone: +603 9130 5218 or email: sales@webshaper.com; and we will see how can we help out.


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