How webShaper Helped ZENZENDREAM Grow?

Chloe Chong


“For serious online business merchants who are still missing direction out there – use webShaper!”
Chloe Chong, founder ZENZENDREAM


How webShaper Helped ZENZENDREAM Grow


The Problem

Chloe Chong, owner of ZENZENDREAM have been doing online business for more than 5 years, yet she was a little less tech-savvy. In order for her business to grow, she knew she needed a better website provider that works effectively in selling her products.

Before she found webShaper, she had been using forums to sell her products online. But when the order numbers grew, she realised the need of a proper webStore to organise her orders. Selling in forums has a few disadvantages such as:

  • No personal branding for her company.

Customers can’t search her company online; so there is no brand recognition and trust to encourage sales. New customers might feel skeptical buying from her. But with webShaper SEO-friendly features, she can have her own professional website that can also help her rank better on the search engines.

  • Competition from other merchants.

With so many other merchants selling on Jbtalk, it is difficult for customers to notice Chloe’s products. Customers are also easily distracted by ads from her competitors and they tend to click on competitors’ ads which will lead to other pages. When customers are directed to other pages, she loses sales.

The Results

Within 2 years, she saw great improvement in sales with a whopping increase of 477%.

Traffic to her website increases with faster page load time. A faster page load time leads to repeating customers and new visiting customers. This in turn improve conversion rates and more business profit. Page loading time is obviously an important part of any website’s user experience. So, the faster your page loads, the more likely your customers will stay and browse through your site.

Systematic webShaper system that ease her business conduct:

  • Order management

Chloe can now view a detailed order list which includes billing name, email, order reference, order status, order date, payment method, etc. in her control panel.

This improved sales visibility and efficient order processing with minimum delays and back-orders – allowing her to work efficiently and customers are happy when they receive their goods on time.

  • Sales and Inventory Report

She can also view stock level and status of every product that she sells in her webStore. This is important so that there are no redundant stocks else she will suffer from more loss.

With webShaper, she can generate sales report in any period of time either daily, monthly, quarterly or yearly, view her top selling items and even her top customers. With these data, she can further analyse the trend to improve her business. For example, if she knew her customers like hair curlers , she can probably offer a wider range of hair curlers.


Yearly sales report generated from webShaper system.

  • Email templates

With templates for Order Alert, Order Confirmation, Order Shipped, Order Received, Customer Registration, etc., Chloe saves email creation time and ensures that her customers receive a standard email reply with the automated email reply in the system. A standard email reply reflects professionalism which further adds trust towards her company.


What Strategy webShaper Used


Strategy #1: Setting up a professional eCommerce website



We allow ZENZENDREAM to have their own online store to sell their products. Chloe understands that Facebook and blogshop is not sustainable enough for long term selling. With webShaper, more things can be done because she can also:

  • run an e-newsletter campaign to promote her products online.
  • offer discounts to customers using webShaper built-in discount codes.
  • have a proper payment gateway to ensure a secure transaction with credit card and bank transfer.


“No more selling on blogs, forums or instagram, just get a proper online store provider to enhance your presence in the market!”


Strategy #2: Social Media Marketing


ZENZENDREAM Facebook fan page.

webShaper Facebook Social Commerce feature enables ZENZENDREAM to export their new arrivals, best sellers and featured products from their eCommerce website to their Facebook page. It integrates social media buttons such as Facebook ‘Like’, Pinterest ‘Pin It’ and Google Plus ‘g +1’ to enable ZENZENDREAM customers share what they love easily when they hover over the product images .

If any customer clicks on the product itself, it will lead directly to ZENZENDREAM webStore. Customers can then make their purchase there.


ZENZENDREAM eStore product page.

The Facebook ‘like’ on ZENZENDREAM webStore product page enable their customers to ‘like’ their products. Friends of customers who ‘like’ ZENZENDREAM product will then see ZENZENDREAM’s post show up in their Facebook news feed. This leads to:

  • Greater brand awareness.

Social media engagement is all about reach. The greater the reach, the greater ZENZENDREAM brand awareness among the public. So, when more customers ‘like’ ZENZENDREAM products, more people will know about ZENZENDREAM’s existence.

  • More traffic to ZENZENDREAM webStore.

When friends of customers see ZENZENDREAM post in their feeds, their curiosity may be sparked. We all like to stay connected with our friends; so if our friends ‘like’ something, we assume it must be something good. Hence, when ZENZENDREAM customers ‘like’ ZENZENDREAM products, their friends will believe the recommendation and further decide to check out ZENZENDREAM webStore.


“My customers can now share their favourite items with their Facebook friends in just one click!”


Strategy #3: Full Customer Support

webShaper support team takes care of support and empower ZENZENDREAM to focus on their most important task – Grow their business. Whenever any technical problem occured, Chloe will reach out to us and we will try our best to assist her.


“webShaper looked into my problems and solved them within a day! This is because they are always connected with their customers.”


Strategy #4: webShaper Lelong Sync platform



“Now, I do not have to upload my products twice anymore, yet I can sell at multiplaces – made possible with webShaper Lelong Sync. This saves me so much time!”


The same product available in ZENZENDREAM estore is also synced to


How does webShaper Lelong Sync works?

  1. Chloe uploads her products to her own webStore.
  2. Then, she chooses products from her webStore to be auto-synced with Moments later, her products will be discovered and is now ready to be purchased by 1.5 million registered members.
  3. If any products were sold on, order details will be synced back to webShaper control panel.
  4. Stocks will then be deducted in her webShaper Inventory System to keep her stock quantity updated.


“IT idiot is now an expert in disguise. Love my website and secret? Ask webShaper to help you too!”


For more ZENZENDREAM  products info, just visit their Facebook fan page.





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