(New) WhatsApp Button for your eCommerce Store!

In South East Asia countries like Malaysia, online consumers behave differently from the western consumers.

A lot of online shoppers like to PM (aka Private Message) to have a chat before they buy online from you, as in general, they lack of trust when it comes to online shopping.

At time being, WhatsApp is the #1 Social Messaging App for Malaysia and in a lot of English-speaking countries.

This is why “WhatsApp Button” feature is now built into¬†webShaper¬†(available at all store plans). Just put your mobile number (for Customer Service), click to enable the WhatsApp button to appear on every product page or appear as an enquiry button on your entire website.

Welcome to Chat Commerce – Your customers is just a chat away from conversion!

The benefits this feature offers?

  • Customers can easily enquire any products and engage you before checkout
  • A reply from customer service can boost confidence, thus higher conversion
  • Convert more visitors into sales

Below is how it will look like on your webStore product page.

See the 2 youtube videos below, showing how WhatsApp Enquiry (sitewide) and WhatsApp Order Button (On product page) works.

Learn how to enable it now at our WhatsApp Button tutorial:

How to Add WhatsApp Button for Your webShaper Store?

Welcome to Chatcommerce – Your customers is just a chat away from conversion!

co-founder, neowave