Steve Jobs – CEO of the Decade

Make no mistakes, although we don’t work on MACs (we are pc junkies since early junior years), but we salute Apple Engineering and Design on all of its ever sleek looking products, and i personally own 2  ipods (ipod nano + ipod shuffle generation 1). That tells you how successful they are, and the colourful ipods has even inspired us in how we design our sohoStore and miniStore e-commerce templates.

Fortune has named Steve Jobs as CEO of the decade (don’t forget his co-founder pal, Steve Wozniak, who we equally admire for his technical genius + funny characters too!).


And we think you really should not miss out the speech by steve jobs below (really, really inspiring), especially to all the small business owners and fellow entrepreneurs out there. Stay focused, stay hungry. We don’t need to be steve jobs, but we can be as successful as steve jobs within our area of influence.

co-founder, neowave