Create Sub-Products with Product Option

Creating Sub-Products with Option will help you manage your products in a more effective manner. This feature allows your customer to choose their favourite option such as colours, and stocks available for each sub-product.

Take note that before you create sub-products, you must Create Product Option. This feature only available for webShaper sohoStore and bizStore package.

Follow the steps below to create your sub-products:

  1. Select the Product item you would like to add a Sub-products to.
  2. Click Options and select Manage Products.
  3. Click Add New Option.
  4. Click Save after adding your desired option.
  5. Under Select Products Options, select your desired option attributes.
  6. Click Create Sub Products and add Product Options.
  7. Click Product Options. You can also edit their settings here.
  8. Save and it is done.
You should be able to see your sub-products with their corresponding options on your store front.

Go to our tutorial page to Create Sub-Products with Option for more information.