Amplified Headphones Store: How Their O2O Business Works in Generating More Sales?

Amplified Headphones Store Online to Offline (O2O) Business Steps:


1. Customers search for products online


A recent study showed that most people will research products online before buying those items in a physical store.

This is because comparing products online is simpler and faster than in a mall. It empowers customers to identify the good deals happening in the store. The easier it is for customers to find your brand and products online, the more likely they are to buy from you.


amplified SEO

Look at how Amplified appeared as the first search result when people Googled ‘Best Malaysia Headphone Store’. This is because they used a search engine friendly platform for their eStore.


2. Customers trust the product reviews online

customer review

Amplified products are sound related which requires ears instead of eyes.

Hence, review from audio experts, chats in audiophile forums and actual user testimonial is important to customers before they decide whether to buy or not to buy the product. If the review is good, this further helps garner interest in that customer to purchase the product.


3. Amplified uses online marketing via social media to make their physical shop known


Notice how Amplified cleverly persuade their customers to drop by their shop and try out their product?

They also post pictures of new stock arrivals just to show that there are ready stocks at their physical shop. Pictures posted on Facebook and Instagram entice and excite people so they either buy online there and then or rush to their physical shop to grab it while stocks last.


4. Customers visit the physical store to try out the product


Once customers are at Amplified, they are allowed to try out the product of interest. Then, it is up to Amplified salesmanship to close the online marketing via sale.

Customers will always want to experience some products like headphones first hand to see if the product meets their expectations before buying them.


“What if customer chooses to buy online?”


Provide Order Fulfilment

order fulfilment

Amplified will not sell anything online if they cannot fulfill within 48 hours. It is a strict policy that they follow to ensure that their customers receive their purchased goods almost overnight.

When they provide exceptional customer service, it is very likely that people will come back and buy from them again because they are happy and satisfied.


“What happens next?”


Word of mouth marketing

Word_Of_Mouth_marketing-hypeWhen customers are happy, they talk about it to their spouses or friends.

Word of mouth is the most powerful selling tool because your customers are helping to promote your brand or products for free. Advice that people receive through word of mouth is credible because every time that someone recommends something to their friend, they don’t stand to gain personally from the recommendation.


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