Malaysian eCommerce Success Stories Book


If you want to be successful, then you have to look at the people who are already successful themselves.


Many of us are not born entrepreneurs. We may be highly ambitious but we lack of brilliant ideas to run a successful eCommerce business. So, what does this book teaches us?

In a two-hour read, it takes us through the ups and downs of eCommerce business using real-world examples. Learn how these more than RM 1 million per year revenue local companies make their brand known and how they generate more sales.


This book also includes 3 webShaper customers:

1., Eyqa and Joe: Partners in life and in business



2., Neo Chan and Ian Chow: Turn Your Customers Into Supporters



3., Zen Tan: The multi-channel bedroom entrepreneur



Wanna know how these webShaper clients and the other companies owners who do not have any background in eCommerce make their business grow as big as it is today?


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