Google App Std (Free) Discontinued

[important announcement]

Google has officially announced on 7th December 2012 (GMT+8)  that they have discontinued  the Google App Standard Edition service with immediate effect.

Google Apps Standard, used to be a FREE Service by Google which give SMEs up to a maximum 10 Users Account for your own domain email plus office tools.

See the official annoucement here on Google Blog

A bit of history, we first signed up Google App back in early 2008, we found it very useful, we love the versatile, enterprise class email service (spam filter, anyone?) provided by Google App.  It is basically Gmail (we all love) which power your own domain (eg Since then, we have been helping new webShaper clients setup Google App Standard (FREE) as a value added service which give small business a solid email tool to kickstart with.

Unfortunately, Google has decided to ceased the offering of Standard Free Version officially. As a result, we would not be able to provide the Google App Setup service to all new clients from this point onwards.

Quick FAQs
Q) Will existing Google Apps users be affected?

A) NO.

Q) Do we still get email when we sign up webShaper Stores?
A) Yes, we will now provide Windows Live Custom Domain (hotmail/outlook to power your own domain) as a default setup for all new webShaper clients.

Q) Can I still use Google Apps?
A) Yes, it’s a fully paid service now. As a start, Google still provide a 30 days free trial, but take note after first 30 days, a user account will cost USD50 / year.
(In our opinion, it is still worth the money given the usefulness of the tools provided by Google)

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