1. Hi! I’m interested to create Megaupload premium account, the problem is I don’t have any credit cards (Cause I won’t be using much of it). I’m sorry if someone has asked this before: Is there any chance I can create a paypal account without using credit cards or is there anyone who wants to volunteer to use their pay pal account to buy the Megaupload premium account? I’m willing to bank in my cash.

  2. I use my debit card to verify my paypal. It’s work.

    @hamizah, you can buy Megaupload premium at Lelong.com.my.

  3. Following this useful method, if going to transfer from my saving account from Singapore to HSBC Malaysia Bank Account, will it be charged for transferring fee? If there is, which side will be charged?

    I use HSBC Bank account for myself, so will it also work to my hsbc account too?

  4. Hi
    This was really helpful, thank you so much.
    Do you know whether I can pay for stuff I buy online using money straight from my bank account? I can’t add a credit card because you can only top-up with certain credit cards from certain banks and I don’t have any of them so I added my bank account. Is there a way to top-up my paypal account with money from my bank account? If yes, could you explain please? I really have no idea. Thank you 🙂

  5. I want to buy a product on line- I use to pay by wire transfer. I heard with pay pal it is free of charge. I would like to make the payment by paypal service but I do not know how to do it. If you have a customer service telephone number, I would like to speak to him/her for more clarification.
    I have a Maybank account but I do not have a credit card.

    Thank you.

  6. If I get money in my paypal by doing commissions and stuff, and the money is in US dollars, how will the transfer rate be if I want to transfer it to my Malaysian bank account? Will there be a fixed rate, or according to their policy or what? Please help, thanks 🙂

  7. still no answer on how to transfer money from bank account to paypal.but im pretty sure there’s no othr way recently unless you hve a RHB account then should be no problem

  8. in malaysia,the bank that can link to paypal is only RHB bank and no other bank can connect to paypal … just do RHB account if u don have it and link it to cash connect debit card … cash connect debit card will transfer money from ur saving account to paypal … then u can buy online,pay bill or transfer money~

  9. what a load of rubbish,

    we use bank accounts as a proper means of verification for paypal @ australia.

    once bank account is linked up, the paypal account becomes 100% verified and cash transfers go both ways, from PP to bank or bank to PP within 3-5 working days. Being verified also means that you do not need to load money into your paypal account before paying for items on ebay, item is paid first by PP and money is withdrawn from your linked bank acc afterwards.

    I blame the lack of government push for unified banking systems, credit history enforcement and basically letting financial institutions do what they want (most of the times in the interest of profits rather than consumer benefits).

  10. Can anyone help? I have a paypal.com but when i wish to top up to buy online from Australia, it say I need to hv a RHB account. All this while I been using my credit card, but in this instances, i need to have a deposit account in paypal. I dont have RHB account, but Maybank?

    How can i do about doing this, help me,

    Love u all, Christine

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