webShaper System Update & Bug Fixes – Sept 2016

webShaper System Update and Bug Fixes
Reference: fixRelease2.7.1224_20160901
Date Released: September 2016


The main update and improvement we made to this update will be the process flow on the eMarketplace sync.

From now on, any new products sync to marketplaces, webShaper will only

1) Push the full product information only for the first time.
2) Then it will only automatically sync stock and price.
3) Any changes on product information (on webShaper), you will need to manually select and re-sync the product information to Marketaplaces.
4) If you remove products from marketplace sync tab, the product will not be deleted from the marketplaces, you have to manually remove it by login to your specific marketplace account.


  1. New Interface to upload the slideshows, way easier to manage now!
  2. Improvements for basic product search: You can now specify Product’s Long Description or Brands to be searchable.
  3. Update on iPay88’s PayPal option.
  4. New column “Discount code used” added to export orders file.

Marketplace (Multichannel)

  1. Can set different product name, description to sync to each marketplace.
  2. Can push different Images (and able to hide the pictures in the picture gallery) for products.
  3. Can assign a different marketplace category to any single product.
  4. Support Re-Sync items when data is updated (Can use filter -> Modified Products to display the products just modified and select ALL to re-sync).
  5. Better data validation and checking if product has sub products to be sync over.
  6. Lazada Only
    1. Ability to push images separately.
    2. Ability to download Lazada Invoice + Shipping Labels
    3. More products push in one sync process.
  7. Improved Marketplace UI 
    1. Product Images thumbnail show when you move over the product name.
    2. SKU display for products.
    3. Background color highlight for rollover effect, so user knows which item is being edited.
    4. Can search products by SKU, product name.
    5. Can filter products by Sync status. Can easily use this to filter out Sync success or Sync failed products
    6. Can sort products via Products Name, Last Sync Time and Status.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fix reviews and ratings bug.
  2. Fix viewCat discount bug.
  3. Fix bug where update products without quantity will gives stock status “out of stock”.
  4. Fix bug for group discount, caused by undefined variable.


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