webShaper System Update & Bug Fixes – v2.7.1224

webShaper System Update and Bug Fixes
Version: 2.7.1224
Date Released: 12 April 2016



  1. Product’s short description updated to using WYSIWYG editor (Important for Lazada).
  2. SKU entered will now be trimmed of outer spaces.
  3. Search products – Active column added.

Marketplace (Multichannel)

New Features
  1. Logon.my marketplace added.
System Updates / Improvement:
  1. Disable Inventory Sync for 11street.
  2. Retiring Rakuten from marketplaces sync.
  3. Better UI touch for marketplaces.
  4. Lazada push images option (manual) added.
  5. Invoice number for marketplace orders automatically generated for synced orders.
  6. 11street push stock and price separate from main product push (Faster updating of information).
  7. Brands pushed for Lelong marketplace is now supported.
  8. Fix 11street flat discount issues (with decimal)
  9. 11street product categories that is tied to voucher and services are now supported.
    ‘Services’, ‘E-vouchers’, ‘Food & Beverages’
    ‘Services’, ‘E-vouchers’, ‘Beauty / Wellness / Health’
    ‘Services’, ‘E-vouchers’, ‘Leisure Offers / Activities’
    ‘Services’, ‘E-vouchers’, ‘Services’



co-founder, neowave