New updates – webShaper Stores – May 2012

 Enhanced Quantity Discount

Then: You can only apply Quantity Discount to a Single Product (aka one SKU)
Now: You can group 2 or more products and lump it together for Quantity Discount!
(More easy to mix and match, more reasons for your clients to buy!!!)


Then… Quantity Discount used to work for only one product

Quantity Discount for One SKU - Eg buy 10 to 20 enjoy 10% Off


But Now, You can group multiple products too!

Now you can group one or more products and apply Quantity Discount to Sell More Online


Which means promo like below is now possible! Sell More Online!

Enable creative bundling to drive more sales

 Facebook Comments

Encourage conversation (Let’s talk!) with your visitors easily via Facebook Comment on your product page. It supports Facebook / Yahoo / Hotmail / AOL account sign in !

facebook comments for social ecommerce


Worry about people post nasty things on it? No worry, you can moderate it and approve it manually!

no worry, you can actually moderate facebook comments

You can Filter & Export Orders in CSV File

Easily open the CSV files with Microsoft Excel.

Export Your Online Orders Easily

Easily Print Shipping Label on A4 papers.

Print, Cut and Stick on your parcels.

print shipping labels made easy

 Thumbnail pictures in your Cart

Product Images is showing on your cart page now!

thumbnails product pictures now show in cart!

 Shipping Estimator on Cart page!

Let your shoppers easily estimate the shipping fee and help boost conversion rate!

Let the shoppers check the estimated shipping rate!

 Search Intelligence

Know what your visitors & customers are searching for in your webShaper Store!

Know what your clients want!

 Enhanced View for Orders

Tiny flags indicates country of origin of the order, and Exclamation marks means  shipping and billing address are different – in which you might want to do more checking on the order details to avoid possible fraudulent order!
Flag orders when billing address is different from shipping address

 Backup to the Cloud

Now you can backup the critical files (Themes, Static, Database & Templates) to your Dropbox Account!
Cloud Backup via Dropbox

Backup Important Data to Dropbox

 Google Feed Category Mapping

With all new enhanced User Interface, it’s now easier than ever to map your product categories to Google Base!
Easy Product Mapping for Google Base (Product Search)

 Product Option now supported via Bulk Upload

Bulk upload gets even better – You can now upload up to 6 product options (and its attributes) using just Excel file!
Enhanced Bulk Upload, now supports even product option upload via Excel file!

 Mark Pre-Order Automatically

When you set an item as pre-order (and the stock level is below suspend level or zero), then webShaper will mark the item as pre-order on the storefront as well as on the order details. The status shown on order details will remind the clients that they are ordering some pre-order items in which you might ship later on.

Pre-order status now automatically shows in order details

Pre-order status now shows in storefront too

 All new online store design

New and Good Looking online store design (Trinket Box) for you to pick and start like a PRO!

Free Beautiful E-commerce Store Designs

Bugs fixes and Patches

Every new release, we kill software discovered plus patches just to mention a few below!

#1-  Chinese character display-error in the edit order fixed.
#2- The estimate shipping is now fixed. Only active countries shown.
#3- Stock availability description under order items, to faciliate highlight of pre-order items to merchant.
#4- Improved edit template editor to prevent zero bytes error.
#5- UI enhancement –  new tooltip applied for various pages.
#6- Extra option for Enets (Singapore) – allow to fill in 2 MID to support both credit card  & direct debit checkout
#7- Relink order items to inventory via SKU (If you accidentally delete the products your clients has placed order)
#8- update NBePay payment to MOLPay


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