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bradpit-blacksocksWhat if i tell you they have made millions by selling just socks (more precisely, just black socks) online?

The founder of, smartly blending the-so-ordinary black-socks selling in “subscription” model, they even coined the term “SOCKSCRIPTION“.

Whoever command the niche or pioneering a new way of doing things, gets to coined the term. 🙂 and when you get to coin the term (like people mention CREST instead of toothpaste), you will get most of the market share and profit.

And how could people resist talking about you when you do such unique and seems-to-be-crazy things online?

So what we can learn from Craft out your own niche (like Acer Founder Stan Shih like to say: me-too-is-not-my-style).

On the web, you are either unique (niche… focus…extremely good at something) or you are a 600-pound-godzilla like If you happened to be in the middle, the odd of being toasted is unbelievably high.

So are you starting up an online store? Whether you are a new bie or existing retailers with brick-and -mortar stores, I believe you will benefit from our sharing below:

Top 10 Things You must know before starting up Your own webStore

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  1. hi lori, cool. are you doing reputation monitoring online? else how would you find this post?

    our readers not a lot yet, but i’m sure we will have more as we get more actively putting up quality content.

    for the socks, are we entitled to one pair also? 🙂

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