Featured eCommerce Website Design: Mellow


Mellow is just the right design for you if you wish to give your customers a chill out and laid-back mood. We named this ‘Mellow’ simply because that’s what we want people to feel looking at this design. Not forgetting, it’s:

  • 100% Mobile Friendly (Responsive)
  • Fullscreen Image Slideshow
  • Customisable Layout, Colours and Fonts
  • ‘New Arrival’, ‘Best Seller’ and ‘Special Promotions’ Tab 


Starting to feel a little mellow yourself? If not, don’t worry about it! We can always change the design just the way you like it. Just reach out to us by phone: +603 9130 5218 or email: sales@webshaper.com; we will always listen to you.


Like what you see? Wish to start your own branded eStore with this design?