Now you can top-up PayPal via RHB

RHB, will be 1st Malaysia bank to support PayPal Direct Top-Up from your RHB Saving or Current Account.

At the same time, they also launch RHB WorldMart, basically a directory to help you spend money fast! From what we observed, there’s only a handful of Malaysia Online Shopping Sites listed inside (no worry, we will submit webShaper merchants to PayPal!)

Must give thumbs-up to RHB for taking a lead in such efforts, as you can see the comments from Malaysians in our wildly popular PayPal Malaysia post, a lot of them were asking “how can we top up PayPal Account to buy!”. If you wonder whether other banks will support this soon, our sources said – NOPE. as RHB is on a 2 years exclusive on this!

Do you know how many PayPal users currently in Malaysia? Unofficial figures quoted that there are about half a million malaysia PayPal users and about 100,000 are active!

For Singaporeans, you can easily top up paypal via POSB / DBS Bank.

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